Turf Field and Cage Rentals

Weatherproof your next game, practice, or other group/team event – rent field time or batting cages at BSC!

Field Rentals

Does your team orTurf Field group need a place to play, without having to worry about cold weather, sweltering heat, rain or snow?  Branchburg Sports Complex’s climate controlled indoor fields ensure that you won’t be affected by Mother Nature!  Weatherproof your rental with our field packages.

We have four state-of-the-art indoor turf fields, with limited rental times available for private group use. Our largest field is 20,000 square feet call the front desk at 908-203-1600 for rental costs for all field sizes.


For long term rental contracts, please contact Steve Sokol at ssokol@branchburgsports.com.






Cage Rentals

BSC features four batting cages for baseball and softball. Reserve dedicated training space at BSC today for pitching, batting and more. Whether you have an experienced team or want to practice on your own, BSC haBatting Cagess the newest automated equipment for baseball and softball.

Our baseball/softball equipment includes:

  • One 65′ batting cage/pitching tunnel
  • Three 70′ batting cages/pitching tunnels

All cages are outfitted with state-of-the-art Iron Mike MB-4 hopper fed pitching machines that are convertible for baseball and softball, with the capacity to throw over 85 mph.


CAGE RENTAL RATES:  (April 2nd through October 31st)

BSC Member:  $40/hour or $20/half hour

Non-Member:   $50/hour or $25/half hour

CAGE RENTAL RATES:  (November 1st through April 1st)

BSC Member:  $50/hour or $25/half hour

Non-Member:   $60/hour or $35/half hour



Save money on your rentals by purchasing a BSC Membership!  Memberships are $20 for an individual membership or $40 for a family membership. All memberships are valid for one year from date of purchase.

To rent a batting cage please call ahead at 908-203-1600 to ensure availability.

Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Imagine crawling inside a giant bubble and bouncing around like beach balls, bouncing off your friends. It’s a blast! Each player is enveloped inside a giant inflatable bubble from the knees up, leaving their legs free to run, jump, and bump into the other participants. Just like regular soccer, bubble soccer is a team game with the object of the game to score more goals than the opposing team.

Maximum of 12 Bubbles(6v6) Unlimited Players and rental for an hour. The cost is $285.00 for one hour (BSC Bubble soccer is available for hourly rentals on site only.)             

To make a reservation, please contact Steve Sokol at ssokol@branchburgsports.com






At BSC, the emphasis with our bubble soccer rentals is on having fun in a light-hearted social atmosphere.

Players Responsibilities

Players competing in bubble soccer games hosted by BSC are expected to read and understand all rules.  If there are any rules that you are unclear on, they should be discussed with the referee before the start of the game. The referee will have the final say in any and all matters pertaining to that bubble soccer game.

Officials Responsibility

The referee is directly responsible for the bubble soccer game and that all rules are followed at all times.

Player Conduct

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to themselves, other players and officials.
Good sportsman like conduct is always expected.  Any behavior deemed inappropriate by the referee will not be allowed.  After a warning, a second offense will cause a player to be ejected from the game and their team will have to continue on a man down.  This applies to off field conduct as well.

Number of Players

There is no limit to the amount of players that can be on a team.  Substitutions are allowed at the end of the first half.  Ideally bubble soccer games will be played by teams of 5.  In the event that there are not 10 people available to play then the game can be played by any even number of players.

General Rules

Bubble Soccer Game Rules:

  • There are no off-sides!
  • No blindsided hits! If a player is facing in the opposite direction it is ok to give them a nudge. However no full speed on bumps to a player that is not looking.
  • All play stops immediately when the referee blows the whistle.
  • You must remain in the Bubble when in the field.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign waiver and get comfortable in the Bubble!
  • There is no designated goalkeeper, if you wish to stick one of your players in front of the goal that is acceptable


Bubble Soccer Attire:

  • No jewelry! Please remove all necklaces, watches, rings or earrings anywhere on your body before entering the bubble.
  • Please wear loose and comfortable sports clothing, preferably no zippers.
  • Appropriate closed footwear, tennis shoes are required. No cleats of any kind.
  • No hair barrettes, bobby pins or belts.
  • No sunglasses or eyeglasses unless worn with sports goggles.
  • Sandles are not permitted


Disciplinary Sanctions

Most importantly this is a social game!  Any overly rough play, abusive language, bickering or challenging the ref will not be tolerated.  Judgment and penalty will be decided by the Ref and his/her decision is final.

In general, offenses will be handled by the first one receiving a warning and on the second offense the player will be asked to leave the field.

The referee has the authority to remove anyone, from any game, for any reason including but not limited to reasons concerning player safety and/or effective game control.